Company Origin and Evolution
RIF S.p.A , an acronym of Rettifiche Industriali Friulane ( industrial regrinding of Friuli , the region in North East of Italy where the company is located ) was born in 1966 from an idea of Renato Ciani, a local entrepreneur of insight.  
In the first stages the activity of the Company concerned exclusively the restoration of big size rolls by means of regrinding. After a short time the founder discovered the importance to realize the grinding of some big cylinders directly at the Customers’ Mill to avoid the time loss , costs and risks involved in dismounting,  handling and transportation . To this purpose, together with a Team of specialists, he designed and manufactured the first portable grinding units.
The original grinding workshop was thus upgraded into a Precision Grinding Department with temperature conditioning , at the same time as the investment on the first CNC grinder was accomplished , in 1986 together with the widening of the production facilities and the increase of the lifting capacity up to 100 tons.
Over the years RIF consolidated its positions at all Customers using rotors and cylinders in their production lines in particular the following ranked by importance:
  • Paper Production and Converting
  • Metal and Mechanical and Metallurgical Industry
  • Industry for the production of PVC
  • Textile Industry 
Evolution and expansion 
Year after year, RIF had the vision to invest into new technology and highly valuable machinery and equipment thus widening the range of services needed to restore and add value to the surface of the cylinders. The comprehensive wording “service” meaning the complete reconditioning of rolls is the driving power of the company and its “ core business” .  
The most important investments were made at the beginning of the years Nineties : a particularly strategic investment is the Gun Drilling machine which gives a crucial impulse to the activity of manufacturing of suction shells in bronze and stainless steel together with the Boring machine for the inside rough/fine turning and grinding of shells. In the same decade two new CNC grinding machines were bought for the machining of big size rolls, with a 15 meter length .
All these heavy duty machinery located in a new wide department specially dedicaded to the mechanical processing enabled to strengthen the relation with the primary Machine Manufacturers, providing important productive capacity for the manufacturing and machining of new rolls . 
Also the implementation of the ISO Quality Assurance Certificate was realized in the same period : in view of the expanding Customer base, both in the domestic and foreign market, the repeatability and traceability of all process steps was judged of paramount importance.
The rubber covering Department
The polymer covering business of rolls dates back to 1982 with the takeover of the know how and machinery of Pirelli Industries , leader company in the production of compounds and rubber end products .
The original Pirelli formulation have been progressively implemented with the design of coverings partially modified or totally new, with outrageous positive feedback from the market in important positions like wet presses, also with particularly high workload , yankee pressure rolls and size press and coating units .
The establishment of a joint venture with Voith for the business line relative to the polymer coverings in 1998 represents an important acknowedgement of the technological level achieved and the support of a leading machine manufacturer.
Thanks to the synergy with skills and machinery of the mother company, RIF S.p.A the joint venture named RIF ROLL COVER SRL presents itself as a rubber covering manufacturer who is also in a position to offer the mechanical reconditioning of rolls in one comprehensive one-stop facility characterized by the integration of different specialties.
Local grinding units
In the view of reducing as much as possible the transportation costs for the periodical grinding maintenance and minimize the period of unavailability of the rolls in emergency cases, local units for grinding service were installed within the papermills.
In 1995 the grinding unit with the Mill of Burgo Avezzano was established and in 1998 within the papermill Sappi at Gratkorn in Austria, where RIF was selected as expert technological partner able to bring an essential contribution of knowledge to a modern production reality with advanced operating conditions and a wide range of roll materials to grind.
The last decade – The thermal coatings and the On site service at the Customers
The development and the industrialization of the thermal coatings for Yankee and Creping cylinders named Varihard, tailor-made to the different enduses, is the most remarkable result achieved both for the technological result and for the feedback from the field in terms of reliability and number of application cases with direct sales or through some important machine manufacturers.  
The services on site RIF constantly up to date with ever advanced technology, has become internationally renowned both for the service quality and for the management of logistics, and the close cooperation with Customers in all the organizational issues which concur to ensure the positive result of the service.