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Precision Grindings

Precision grinding was the Company’s primary purpose and its specialization at the time of foundation in 1966.
The original name “Rettifiche Industriali Friulane” was indeed well inclusive of this vocation, true pride of the founder, Mr. Renato Ciani who, thanks to his experience and a formidable intuition, combined with the collaboration of valid and passionate technicians, created the first real center of competence in grinding large cylinders for paper, plastic and metalworking industries, both in Italy and throughout the world.

Today, with the name “RIF” we maintain this basic vocation of “grinding company” as a cultural reference for all our activities. For us, being basically born as “grinders”, whatever the processing and coating or whatever the cylinder’s features are, grinding remains the final and decisive phase for the good functioning of the product. For this reason, from the earliest stages of inspection, up to the entry of cylinders and rotors, we are focused on how to reach geometric tolerances and required finishing levels, always aiming to surpass the minimum requirements.

Our expert grinders, with the use of grinding machines equipped with a CNC control system, and with the use of constantly upgraded abrasive materials, can work on any type of material and obtain extreme levels of geometrical precision and surface finishing; temperature-controlled grinding and super-finishing of Calender rolls for PVC represent an example of extreme grinding requirements.

We can rectify grind following materials any type of material:
• Rubber and Polyurethane
• Special polymers
• Chromium platings
• Tungsten carbides
• Ceramics
• Stainless steel
• Bronze
• Anti-corrosion metal coatings
• Steel, Cast Iron, Chilled Cast Iron
• Granite

Our grinding service team for cylinders, shafts and rotors has consolidated experience and standards for various industrial sectors such as Paper, Plastic, Metalworking, Textile, Food, Energy.

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