By Multiple Drilling, in the specific production sector dedicated to the paper industry cylinders, we mean the specific processing dedicated to Suction Rolls and blind drilling of Press Rolls.

For these kinds of processes RIF has expressly built the below listed machines including:

“Gun Drill” CNC Multiple Spindle Drilling Machine, dedicated to the drilling and countersinking of holes of new metal shells, in bronze, stainless steel, carbon steel and cast iron.

“Gun drilling” is the most reliable and precise technology for drilling of new bronze and stainless steel suction shells: in particular it is the only technology able to grant a superior drilling quality for high thickness suction shells, in our case until 120 mm wall thickness. The quality of drilling, especially for suction shells subject to severe operating conditions, does not only translate into a geometrical or visual factor, but is of extreme importance for the stability of the shell and to ensure the absence of faults which might jeopardize the integrity of the shell itself in terms of time.

The main distinctive features of gun-drilling are:
• Internal forced lubrication through the drilling tools
• Use of highly wear-resistant cutters
• Extreme precision of tool guiding and feed
• Controlled working temperature
• Continuous monitoring of every single drilling tool

Traditional Multiple Spindle Machines Type “Twist-Drilling”, custom-built for the following processing:
• Drilling of polymer coverings for suction rolls and blind drilling
• Mechanical clean-drilling of suction rolls, to the purpose of totally removing any foreign matters deposited within the holes of the shells, if not removable with any other means
• Lengthening of the drilled length on used suction shells

Besides the machining, RIF drilling service is implemented by some important accessory operations like:
• Total checkout of drilled face with the aim to single out any defects, anomalies, presence of bits of broken drills originated during previous machining
• Extraction of bits of broken drills in all cases when they were existing on the shell

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