Fibrous refillings

Production sector with a long tradition for RIF, currently one of the few manufacturers in Europe of Elastic Coatings made with fibrous materials, for:

• Supercalander cylinders
• Counter-Cylinders of Embossing Machine
• Rolls for calendering of fabrics

The Supercalander treatment still plays a fundamental role today in obtaining some important surface properties of many types of natural and coated graphic papers, for label papers, support for silicon base paper and some special papers. These properties are conferred by the particular friction glazing effect generated by the elastic refilling in the contact “nip” with the metal cylinders of the supercalender, an effect not obtainable with other types of coatings. Thanks to this peculiarity, the Elastic Coatings are indispensable at least for a part of the cylinders of the existing Supercalanders.

Our range of Elastic Coatings is based on a series of different materials to meet the different application needs in terms of applied load, temperature and surface effect towards calendered paper.

An “inimitable effect” is conferred by the elastic refilling also for the counter rolls of the embossing machines for the treatment of some papers for niche sectors.

The production capacity of our Elastic Coatings Department:
• Outside diameter range of the coatings: from 240 to 900 mm
• Maximum length coated table: 9000 mm
• Maximum weight of the roll: 28 tons

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Fibrous refillings