For a long time customers were asking us about Polyurethane and Composites coatings , until it became for RIF an unavoidable choice, an inevitable completion of the products’ range and services considering, as well as decades of experience and introduction into the market, even the high operational capabilities of the other RIF production departments, which are in fact able to carry out all the accessory processes also for this type of coatings.

We have therefore created a completely new specific department, with a high level of automation and equipped with the latest generation of operating machines, which are also compulsory choices given the important presence of excellent competitors in the market.

The purpose of use of the above coatings is mainly that of the paper industry.

The new department is currently able to perform coatings with table up to 12000 mm, diameter 2000 mm and in this first phase with cylinder weight up to 40 tons.

The new “HEVO” series Polyurethane coatings can be used in almost all paper machine applications, such as forming, press section as well as Size-Press and Coating sections, especially where severe operating conditions of the cylinders require particularly high-performance coatings and able to ensure long periods of continuous operation.

Thanks to the unique properties of the new Polyurethane coatings, we are able to optimize their performance and service life. In parallel with the installation of production equipment, we have also developed new techniques and coating materials for high-end products. We are therefore able to ensure the following performances:
• Coatings with very high elasticity with consequent minimized overheating and therefore reduced or zero need for reconditioning inside the cylinder
• Extreme wear resistance with a significant increase in duration between grindings
• Drastic increase in mechanical resistance to high dynamic loads typical of the most demanding press positions
• High hydrolytic stability and mechanical toughness for the purpose of a surface profiling that increases the dehydration of the sheet
• New anchoring system to the base metal of the cylinder to obtain maximum reliability

The new range of polyurethane coatings:
• HEVODRIVE > wire roll cylinders
• HEVOPRESS > cylinders for wet presses
• HEVOPRESS-Y > pressing cylinders against creping Yankee cylinder
• HEVOSIZE > cylinders for Size-Press
• HEVOFILM > Coating Rolls

Thanks to the typical properties of Polyurethane such as elasticity, abrasion resistance, cut and tear resistance, the possibilities of applying the new RIF coatings also extend to other sections of the paper plant such as the winding and rewinding sections of the sheet.


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