Complete reconditioning service

RIF does not just perform the grinding or coating of the roll face, but also cares about the return of cylinder to customer’s mill in the best possible conditions in all its parts, so that it can be immediately installed in the production line.

Each cylinder is systematically subject to a series of checks, from the simple inspection of packaging suitability to the drafting of an inspection report and a complete intervention proposal to the customer.

Amongst the main interventions, please see list below:
• Restoration or replacement of journals
• Refurbishing of bearing seats by metallization and precision grinding
• Check / restore or rebuild internal cooling system
• Regrooving of grooved rolls
• Restoration of bearing housings
• Modification of the sealing system of polymer coated or metal coated rolls
• Non-destructive checks on journals and critical parts subject to high mechanical stress

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Complete reconditioning service