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On-site Grinding Service

The on-site grinding service, mainly created for the intervention on large cylinders and therefore not removable from the production machine, is one of the most traditional specialties of RIF, a service for which the company has allocated human resources and equipment since the early years of its activity.

The cylinders that periodically require this type of intervention are:
• Yankee creping cylinders (Yankee)
• MG Mono Glazing cylinders
• Drying and Cooling cylinders
• Pope Reel Rolls

On-site grinding is the best solution to eliminate the quality and production problems caused by surface wear in any form, deformation of the geometric profile, deviations of circularity and concentricity, surface damage such as grooves, streaks, “chatter marks” etc. . – ability to intervene quickly, especially in emergency situations – reduced processing times as much as possible – reduction in the number of parts to be disassembled from the paper machine in order to install a portable grinding machine.

RIF technicians, interfacing with customers, have always had these requirements in mind, taking them into account and providing for a continuous improvement of the equipment, in particular of the portable grinding machines, all exclusively designed and manufactured by RIF, reducing their weight and size. and increasing the reliability and speed of installation in the customer’s plant.

The latest generation portable grinding machines RIF ERB series, specifically designed for convex profile grinding with a cylinder maintained at a controlled temperature, fully represent this type of evolution given their particular lightness, reduced overall dimensions, the possibility of drastically reducing times. machining without penalizing the grinding precision.

The design of portable grinding machines of ever more compact and efficient dimensions has made it possible in many cases to carry out on-site grinding on cylinders of positions that once would have been unthinkable, for example:
• Calender rolls / Gazing Calender of paper machine
• Suction press rolls
• Long-NIP press rolls / Jumbo-Press rolls
• Drums for flexographic printing
• Calender rolls for rubber processing, a service that is carried out in partnership with COMERIO ERCOLE SpA

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